About LIFE

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In 1984 the Lewiston School District Trust Fund was created to provide funding for programs and projects to benefit the staff and students of Lewiston Independent School District #1. Because the Trust Fund contained school district monies, it was bound by state-imposed guidelines. These guidelines did not allow much flexibility in investments, and were more designed to protect the public assets than to generate substantial income. Thus the interest generated by the Trust Fund for program expenditures was often less than desirable.

To address this situation, the Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education, Inc. (LIFE) was incorporated in 1996. LIFE was created as a public foundation, which allows greater flexibility in investments in order to maximize interest profits while still minimizing risk to the principal. LIFE is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

LIFE accounts are of two types, endowed and non-endowed. In addition, LIFE administers the Lewiston School District Trust Fund, which is a separate entity from LIFE. The Trust Fund principal is entirely endowed and may not legally be transferred or merged with the LIFE foundation monies. The LIFE funds are invested in bond funds, mutual funds, and money market accounts. LIFE also maintains a local checking and savings account.

LIFE is a volunteer organization with one paid, part-time staff member to maintain the day-to-day workings of the LIFE office.

Our Foundation is run by a 21 person Board of Directors, which is comprised of community business and education leaders, Lewiston alumni, parents and others. Our Foundation and our Board of Directors are completely independent of the Lewiston School District, operating separate funds and having no formal or legal connection with the district, allowing the Foundation to operate as creatively as possible for the enhancement of education in all Lewiston schools. Contact us if you’re interested in joining our Board of Directors or one of its committees.

Our Goals

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1) TO ENCOURAGE quality educational and extracurricular projects and activities;

2) TO SERVE as a catalyst for public-private partnerships which benefit Lewiston’s youth; and

3) TO RAISE public awareness of the responsibility we all share for the quality of our local schools.

Board of Directors

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President: Jill Bruce, Commercial Relationship Manager, Washington Trust Bank
Vice-President: Katie Johnson, Social Worker, CHAS
Secretary: Chris Jacks, Paramedic / Firefighter, Lewiston Fire Department
Treasurer: Douglas W. Baune, CPA

-Kim Brown, Flight Attendant, Alaska Airlines
-Eileen Cochrane, Revenue Specialist, Columbia Co. Health Systems
-Peter Gregg, Banker, Washington Trust Bank
-Colleen Grittner, Owner, Lewiston ServiceMaster
-Jamie Halstead, Director of Clinical Services, Premera
-Lance R. Hansen, Superintendent, Lewiston School District
-Shannon Kenyon, Math/Sci Resource Teacher, Lewiston School Dist.
-Amy McCall, Owner, Amy McCall Photography
-Charli Ockwell, Owner, Woodland Adventures Learning Center
-Paislie Robledo, Business Services, P1FCU
-Jill Schmidt, Retired Educator
-Emily Snyder, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, NPC Prosecutor’s Office
-Tyger Spencer-Heald, Community Volunteer
-Becky Wagner, Retired Educator
-Mary Wells, Principal, McGhee Elementary-
-Jacie Zager, Community Volunteer
-Emily Brown, Community Volunteer