The Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education administers accounts for a number of enrichment programs.

3rd Grade Science Systems Day

Exploring Science – All Systems Go! reflects the combined efforts of the school district Enrichment Program, the LCSC Science Department, and the Palouse Discovery Center. The day-long event for 3rd grade students in the Lewiston School District is a time for students to rotate through hands-on science stations designed and created by LCSC professors as they explore concepts related to biology, electricity, physical science, mathematics, and chemistry.
Students also attend an interactive presentation on Magical Chemistry. After each chemistry experiment, the 3rd graders use notebooks to record observations. This activity is facilitated by students in the LHS Intro to Teaching class, with guidance from the district’s science curriculum resource teacher.

4th Grade History Rendezvous

4th grade students look forward to the Idaho Rendezvous, a May event culminating a year’s study of Idaho history. Students from public and private schools in Lewiston are bused to the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds to observe and experience early Idaho pioneer life through a variety of crafts and activities taught by skilled community members. Approximately 400 students participate in the Rendezvous each year.

Example of stations include:
Appaloosa Horses; Basque History & Culture; Butter Making; Candle Making; Dugout Canoes; Fish; Fry Bread; Furs & Trapping; Goat Milking; Gold Panning; Horseshoeing; Lumberjacks; Mountain Men; Paper Making; Quilting; Rock Art; Spinning; Storytelling; Trading Post; Wagon Rides

There are many stations; the above is not an exhaustive list. The success of this all-day event is due to the collaboration of 4th grade teachers from both public and private schools, Gifted/Talented facilitators, and numerous parent and community volunteers.

Knowledge Bowl

5th & 6th grade students from public and private schools in the Valley may form teams and participate in Knowledge Bowl competitions. There are two preliminary competitions in the fall leading up to the Regional competition in February.
Each competition consists of 3 rounds. Rounds 1 & 3 require students to answer questions posed by the moderator; Round 2 requires teams to answer written questions about math and maps.
Schools on the Idaho side of the Valley participate in the Lewiston competitions, while those on the Washington side of the Valley participate in the Clarkston competitions. Teams from each side then face off in the Regional Competition.
The events are very popular with students. Generally several teams participate from each school, and competition is fierce to be one of the teams selected to move on to Regionals.

Math Competition

4th, 5th & 6th grade students from any public or private school in Lewiston are eligible to form teams to participate in the Math Competitions, which are held in March. Each teacher or school may determine how students are selected for participation.
4th grade students compete within their own grade level, to answer questions about Fractions, Data & Problem Solving, and Potpourri, which may include calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
5th & 6th grade students compete together, to answer questions about Geometry, Data & Problem Solving, and Potpourri, which may include calculations using fractions, decimals, and percents.
Each competition is a one-night event, with 4th grade competing on a Tuesday and 5th/6th grades competing on a Wednesday. The events are hushed and intense, as teams huddle and whisper together over their final answers while attempting not to be overheard by surrounding teams.

College Visits

Each year interested LHS students have the opportunity to visit the campuses of the University of Idaho and Washington State University. Students receive a more in depth experience than would be possible at most college recruitment events. Counselors have found that having a full half day to explore a campus and learn about the programs and resources available has helped many students envision college and begin to see it as a possibility within their grasp.
Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education funds transportation costs for this event.